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An overland trip from Europe to Tibet&Nepal

This is my little website about my trip to Tibet & Nepal in 2010. It was one more big overland trip - of course I went all the way from Vienna to Lhasa, before continuing on the road to Nepal. Just the way back home was by plane - see the map for an overview about the trip:
The whole trip took slightly less than 4 weeks: About 10 days to get from Vienna to Lhasa, then 15 days to travel around in Tibet&Nepal.

We were totally 6 people: 4 friends of mine travelled with me the whole way from Vienna, and another one joined us in Lanzhou in China.

2010-08-11; day 1:
Departure from Vienna at 10 pm. 1st Night on the train

2010-08-12; day 2:
Arriving at Krakow in the morning. 6 hrs sightseeing stop. Continue by train at lunch time. Border Poland/Ukraine. 2nd night on the train.

2010-08-13; day 3:
Arriving at Kiev late morning. 7 hrs sightseeing stop. Continue by train in the late afternoon. 3rd night on the train.

2010-08-14; day 4:
Whole day on the train. Border Ukraine/Russia in the early morning. 4th night on the train.

2010-08-15; day 5:
Whole day on the train. Border Russia/Kazakhstan in the early morning. Border Kazakhstan/Russia in the evening. 5th night on the train.

2010-08-16; day 6:
Whole day on the train. Border Russia/Kazakhstan (2nd time...) in the early morning. Finally arrival at Astana late night.

2010-08-17; day 7:
Sightseeing in Astana. In the afternoon boarding the train to Urumqi. 6th night on the train.

2010-08-18; day 8:
Whole day on the train. Border Kazakhstan/China. 7th night on the train.

2010-08-19; day 9:
Arriving at Urumqio at lunch time. 3 hrs stop, the continuing with another train to Lanzhou. 8th night on the train.

2010-08-20; day 10:
Arriving to Lanzhou at lunch time. After 2 hrs continuing by another train to Lhasa. 9th night on the train.

2010-08-21; day 11:
Travelling on the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Arrival at Lhasa in the evening.

2010-08-22; day 12:

2010-08-23; day 13:

2010-08-24; day 14:

2010-08-25; day 15:
Lhasa - Nakartse - Gyantse

2010-08-26; day 16:

2010-08-27; day 17:
Gyantse - Shigatse

2010-08-28; day 18:
Shigatse - Zhaxizong

2010-08-29; day 19:
Zhaxizong - Mt. Everest Base Camp

2010-08-30; day 20:
Mt. Everest Base Camp - border China/Nepal

2010-08-31; day 21:
border China/Nepal - Kathmandu

2010-09-01; day 22:

2010-09-02; day 23:
Kathmandu - Dunche

2010-09-03; day 24:
Dunche (short hiking trip)

2010-09-04; day 25:
Dunche - Kathmandu

2010-09-05; day 26:

2010-09-06; day 27:
flight Kathmandu - Delhi

2010-09-07; day 28:
night flight Delhi - Moscow - Vienna (arriving at lunchtime)

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