Samstag, 1. September 2012

Vienna - Kiev

2010-08-11; day 1:
Departure from Vienna at 10 pm. 1st Night on the train

2010-08-12; day 2:
Arriving at Krakow in the morning. 6 hrs sightseeing stop. Continue by train at lunch time. Border Poland/Ukraine. 2nd night on the train.

2010-08-13; day 3:
Arriving at Kiev late morning. 7 hrs sightseeing stop.


The "Chopin" train to Warszawa with direct coaches to Berlin, Moskva and Krakow is the perfect start for a transcontinental trip to Tibet and Nepal:

Station Breclav ad midnight.

Changing to sleeper to Kiev in the middle of the night:

Ukrainian sleeping car Praha - Kiev:

Ticket inspection

6 hour layover in Krakow:

Downtown sightseeing walk:

Back on the train:

Changing wheelsets at the Polish-Ukrainian border:
Electricity supply on the train:

Across Ukraine:

Arriving in Kiev:

Kiev sightseeing on a hot summer day:


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