Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Kiev - Astana

2010-08-13; day 3:
Arriving at Kiev late morning. 7 hrs sightseeing stop. Continue by train in the late afternoon. 3rd night on the train.

2010-08-14; day 4:
Whole day on the train. Border Ukraine/Russia in the early morning. 4th night on the train.

2010-08-15; day 5:
Whole day on the train. Border Russia/Kazakhstan in the early morning. Border Kazakhstan/Russia in the evening. 5th night on the train.

2010-08-16; day 6:
Whole day on the train. Border Russia/Kazakhstan (2nd time...) in the early morning. Finally arrival at Astana late night.

2010-08-17; day 7:
Sightseeing in Astana.


Train station Kiev Passashirskij:

Train to Astana ready for departure:

Our comfortable compartment:

The "samowar":

Platform shopping:

At Povorino station:

Late night stop at Saratov:

Working on the train:

Our neighbours on the train:

Time for lunch:

In Kazakstan - the first mosque on our trip:

Fish for lunch:

 Small neighbour with weapon:

Successfull shopping:
"Step by step" accross Kazakhstan:


Trip planning:

Sunset on the train:

Midnight arrival at Astana:


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